"How can we provide for human needs while regenerating a thriving ecology?"

Clinical herbalism & earth tending come together at Suntrap to produce potent, harmonious formulas for wherever you need a dose of botanical beauty and power.


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Who We Are

A sun trap is a garden feature that catches and reflects the sun, creating a microclimate of growth around it. Big boulders that hold the sun and ponds which reflect the sun's light are good examples of sun traps.


We aim to hold & reflect the lessons of this land by:

  • Sourcing ingredients from regenerative farms & gardens

  • Sharing fresh herbs in effective formulas

  • Offering education centering herbalism & earth tending

  • Packaging our products in 100% compostable materials

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From Our Community:

"I've been using Suntrap tinctures for a
few years now, and I absolutely love
them! I always try to have Tune in Tonic
and Deep Breath in my cupboard--they're
my daily go-tos. As a graduate student,
I keep Tune in Tonic on my desk and take
it throughout the day to focus my
attention and sharpen my mind. I've also
found that it works well to soothe the
occasional headache. Deep Breath is also
a necessity for my stressful graduate
student life. I often take both
tinctures together in a tea and I can
immediately feel my shoulders drop, my
breath deepen, and my anxious thoughts
clear the way for focused attention. I
absolutely love these formulas and I
couldn't live without them!"

Nicole C. on Herbal Tinctures

Ingredients Guide

Meet the herbs we partner with to create potent botanical extractions for you.



Wild Rose


Bioregional Herbalism & Medicine Making

A course to take you from curious to confident in the realms of bioregional herbalism & medicine making.