The Healer is a heal-all balm for any skin deep irritations. It is also our beloved, steady skin care routine essential. We originally formulated this botanical brew for our active lifestyle: a balm to speed up the healing of cuts and scrapes, soothe bug bites, moisturize our hands and come with us on any adventure. Along the way I discovered The Healer’s incomparable virtues as a facial moisturizer. The Healer nourishes your skin and bequeaths a botanical bounciness.


The Healer is comprised of the most gorgeous ingredients you can imagine. The base is an organic sunflower seed oil, produced in the finger lakes region where the balm is made. The 4 herbs that are steeped so strongly in the oil are also grown, harvested, and infused into this oil in the finger lakes. In the balm making process, our herbalist and formulator adds some gorgeously aromatic beeswax from a small scale, local beekeeper. These brews take a full moon cycle, about 4 weeks to brew, and our made in micro batches. We hope you love this balm as much as we do.

The Healer ws

  • A balm infused with Calendula, Chamomile, Marshmallow, and Plantain.

    Two ounces.

    Dosage: Shake before use. 5-30 drops as needed for immediate support. To use as a daily tonic: 1-3 dropperfuls up to 3 times a day.

    Ingredients: Organic NY grown sunflower seed oil, local beeswax, Calendula officinalis*, Althea officinalis*, Plantago major*, Chamomilla matricaria*.

    (All herbs grown on site or bought in from small farms we trust)