The Healer

A botanical moisturizer to nourish your skin.


The Healer is a heal-all balm for any skin deep irritations. It is also our beloved, steady skin care routine essential. We originally formulated this botanical brew for our active lifestyle: a balm to speed up the healing of cuts and scrapes, soothe bug bites, moisturize our hands and come with us on any adventure. Along the way I discovered The Healer’s incomparable virtues as a facial moisturizer. The Healer nourishes your skin and bequeaths a botanical bounciness.


Give Suntraps Holistic Skin Care ebook a look if you're curious about our simple & ceremonial botanical skin care.


We package this balm in a 2 ounce glass jar.


Ingredients: Organic NY grown sunflower seed oil, local beeswax, Calendula officinalis*, Althea officinalis*, Plantago major*, Chamomilla matricaria*. *produced lovingly on small farms in the finglerlakes region of New York.


Directions: External use only. Apply often!

The Healer

  • To use this botanical balm in your skin routine you will need to first cleanse your face with clean hands, water, and a clean washcloth (or however you like to cleanse), spritz your face with a toner such as our Botanical Waters hydrosol, and then massage a tiny amount of The Healer gently and lovingly into your face and neck. If you have extra dry skin, you might benefit from spritzing the Botanical Waters hydrosol on your face again after applying The Healer. Allow the balm to soak in! If you are running out the door and don’t have the 20 minutes or so it will take to fully absorb on it’s own - you can always lightly dab with a clean washcloth to get matte.


    Check our Holistic Skin Care ebook for the complete break down of the skin care routine we recommend.



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