The Healer is a heal-all balm for any skin deep irritations. It is also a staple of our skin care routine. I originally formulated this botanical brew for our active lifestyle: a balm to speed up the healing of cuts and scrapes, soothe bug bites, moisturize our hands and come with us on any adventure. Along the way I discovered The Healer’s incomparable virtues as a facial moisturizer. The Healer nourishes your skin and bequeaths a botanical bounciness.


The Healer has 6 ingredients. Each one is nourishing and purposeful.


Sunflower Seed Oil: produced in the fingerlakes region of NY where the balm is made. 

Calendula: A golden orangey yellow flower with myriad skin supporting properties.

Chamomile: A yellow and white delight of a flower. The potent aromatics of fresh chamomile are like nothing else.

Plantain: This vibrant green leaf offers toning and soothing properties along with a whole lot of nourishment.

Marshmallow: A juicy root that delivers deep hydration.

Beeswax: A small amount of aromatic beeswax is added to stabilize the balm.


Each ingredient is sourced from the same region where we make the balm, the finger lakes region of New York. Our oil is always cold pressed, organic, and locally produced. Our beeswax is sourced from local, responsible beekeepers. Our herbs are produced in the finger lakes except on the rare occasion that everyone we know locally is sold out, and in that case we buy in from small herb farms in neighboring regions. The majority of our herbs are from a certified organic farm, but we also harvest from the land we tend, which we haven’t certified yet but we use only organic practices. You are welcome to visit our tiny herb farm for yourself when you visit and stay on our farm!

The Healer

  • A balm infused with Calendula, Chamomile, Marshmallow, and Plantain.

    Two ounces packged in a glass jar.

    Instructions: Apply to slightly damp skin for maximum absorption 

    Ingredients: Organic NY grown sunflower seed oil, local beeswax, Calendula officinalis*, Althea officinalis*, Plantago major*, Chamomilla matricaria*.

    (All herbs grown on site or bought in from small farms we trust)