Autumn Apothecary Box (November delivery)

The Autumn/November box focuses on immune system support, skin care, and digestion. Included in the box:

-Lung Tonic: (Our favorite daily tonic for winter immune system care with a focus on the respiratory system. Elecampane, Marshmallow, and baby Ginger decocted and combined with local, raw honey to create a syrup. Must be refrigerated!!

-Fire Cider: Aromatic, pungent, anti-viral roots and fruits. Just about every community apothecary is stocked with fire cider because it is so good at what it is intended to do: ward off colds & the flu. Additionally, fire cider makes an effective digestive & circulatory tonic when taken regularly.

-Digestive Bitters: Stoke your digestive fire. Almost everyone could benefit from taking bitters before meals. 1 dropperful 5-15 minutes before each meal stimulates the appetite, and cuts down on indigestion, gas, and bloating. You can also take your bitters after a meal, especially a particuarly rich one. Some people add bitters to mock/cocktail recipes for their beneficial properties. Digestive Bitters is a tincture formula of Angelica, Fennel, Peppermint, & Ginger.

-The Healer: The Healer is a heal-all balm for any skin deep irritations. It is also our beloved, steady skin care routine essential. We originally formulated this botanical brew for our active lifestyle: a balm to speed up the healing of cuts and scrapes, soothe bug bites, moisturize our hands and come with us on any adventure. Along the way I discovered The Healer’s incomparable virtues as a facial moisturizer. The Healer nourishes your skin and bequeaths a botanical bounciness. Locally grown Calendula, Chamomile, Marshmallow, and Plantain infused into organic, local Sunflower Seed oil & beeswax.

-Botanical Waters: We are inlcuding our precious hydrosol in this box because 1. it locks in moisturizer such as "The Healer" like you've never seen before and 2. the way we distill our aromatic plants preseves the scent beautofifully and so this hydrosol/toner doubles as a potent aromatherapy spray. More about Hydrosols: Hydrosols balance our skin’s PH and equalize oil and water. They are mildly astringent, toning the pours and locking in moisture. Hydrosols absorb readily into the skin and are applied after cleansing and before (& after for extra dry skin) moisturizing. Apply hydrosols throughout the day to freshen up the complexion and get a dose of stress relieving aromatherapy. Depending on the plant that is distilled, hydrosols have all kinds of beneficial properties. From anti-inflammatory, to antibacterial, to hydrating. We make our small batch distillation with whatever herbs are in season that make excellent hydrosols. Check your micro batch Botanical Waters card to read about the herbs in your seasonal hydrosol. Often mother nature knows what we need better than we do.

Autumn Apothecary Box (November delivery)

  • We are pleased to inform you that all of the packaging that goes into the CSA boxes are completely compostable from the box, to the packaging tape made out of cellulose, to the cardboard packaging. All cardboard products are %100 recycled.

  • A parcel from our apothecary containing herbal formulas perfect for offering you guidance and support through the season. Delievered to your doorstep November 2020.



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