Are you interested in learning how to use your senses to understand information about an herb’s therapeutic qualities? Do you want to speak from your own experience with an herb instead of repeating what you have read or heard other people say? The mystery tea tasting takes you beyond an herb’s common and latin names and all the associations we bring to those names. The mystery tea tasting gives you an opportunity to see the herb for who it is.  Skilled herbalists can determine an herbs quality and sometimes actions by relying on their palate - blind tea tastings help to hone this skill.


It is never the goal to guess which herb we are working with. We are going beyond the name. We will explore scent, mouthfeel, taste, how the herbal infusion feels in our body. I will reveal the herb at the end of the tasting when I compare our intuitive observations about the herb with the herb’s published properties.


For most of 2020 I deeply missed conducting mystery tea tastings in person. Towards the end of the year I realized there was a way to make this happen virtually and the results were amazing! The virtual mystery tea tasting is an intimate and interactive learning experience, and I love that people from all over the country can tune in.

Register soon, I think the limited spots will fill up quickly! 


A note: I’ll choose a safe & gentle herb with a wide therapeutic margin. That said, if you have allergies and sensitivities to common herbs - this class may not be for you. I may have future versions of this class where folks can tune in and observe the practice. Thank you for understanding!

Mystery Tea Tasting

  • The Summer Mystery Tea Tasting will be happening in July, date TBA.

    An interactive zoom class exploring organoleptics through the intuition honing practice of the blind tea tasting. 15 slots available & registration required by early July so that I will have time to mail you the unmarked herb with brewing instructions. Participants will recieve an email containing the zoom room link the day before the class.

  • The mystery tea tasting materials (an unmarked herb + brewing instructions) will be shipped out Saturday the 10th via USPS Priority Mail. This will allow plenty of time for you to recieve the package before the class.

    As with all packages leaving the Suntrap Shipping Studio, the packaging will be 100% recycled and 100% biodegradable. Yay!