Materia Medica May is a class series happening Saturday mornings in May. We'll be meeting virtually via zoom at 10am ET.


At this point in the series, you can only register for one class at a time. 

In this class series students will learn to think about herbs in relation to body systems. Each week we will take on a different body system and walk through a rich apothecary specific to the body system and categorized by action.


For example, in herbs for the Respiratory system we'll talk about tonic herbs for the respiratory system, stimulating expectorants, soothing expectorants, allergy and asthma remedies, broncho-relaxants, and antimicrobials specific to the respiratory tract.

This class is for the student who is already familiar with some herbs and herbal actions and is looking to deepen their understanding of how to choose the right herb for specific situations.

Materia Medica May

  • *Be sure to select "Suntrap Pick Up" for free shipping, as nothing will be shipped when you purchase this class. You will simply be reserving your spot in class.*

    $28 for one class
    $120 for the whole series

    If you are registering for one class, let me know which one in the order notes. I will send out the zoom link the day prior to class.

    I am always open to considering an interesting barter, so don't be shy! Scholarships available for BIPOC herbalists, just send me a message.

  • Week 1: Herbs for the Respiratory System
    Saturday, May 1st
    10-11:30 ET

    Week 2: Herbs for the Digestive System
    Saturday, May 8th
    10-11:30 ET


    Week 3: Herbs for the Nervous System
    Saturday, May 15th
    10-11:30 ET


    Week 4: Herbs for the Cardiovascular System
    Saturday, May 22nd
    10-11:30 ET


    Week 5: Herbs for the Immune System
    Saturday, May 29th
    10-11:30 ET