A tincture formula of Calamus, Wood Betony, Rosemary, Gentian.


Dosage: Shake before use. 1-5 drops with water, as needed.

Ingredients: Acorus calamus, Stachys officinalis, Salvia Rosmarinus,

Gentiana lutea.

Instinct (ws)

  • This formula is meant to strengthen gut instincts and help one differentiate from the noise of the mind and the true inner voice. Calamus clears "Phlegm misting the orifices of the heart," and is specific for the throat and the physical voice. Wood betony strengthens the solar plexus and gut instincts, specifically for someone who doesn't feel connected to earth and seeks grounding. Gentian assists when the inner voice is heard but not believed in. Rosemary brings blood to and away from the brain, the potentiator of this self care tool. This formula is meant to be taken in drop doses with intention.

  • Our packaging is completely compostable, from the box, to the cellulose based packaging tape, to the cardboard packaging materials. 



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