A solid night of sleep can set the tone for good health. This is a somniferous extract for the occasional restless night. Valerian root is the key herb in this formula, known to have a gently tranquilizing effect on the nervous system. Cali Poppy is a mild sedative which helps to ease nervous tension. Skullcap is a nerve tonic, an herb which nourishes the nervous system in addition to relieving tension. Nepeta settles the nerves and soothes an anxious mind. Chamomile is the formula catalyst, a classic sleepy time herb.

Good Night

  • A tincture formula of Valerian, Cali Poppy, Skullcap, Nepeta, Chamomile.

    Dosage: Shake before use. 1-3 dropperfuls with water, before bed.

    Ingredients: Valeriana officinalis, Eschscholzia californica, Scutellaria lateriflora, Nepeta cataria, Chamomilla recutita, organic neutral spirits.

    (All herbs grown on site or bought in from small farms we trust)


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