Deep Breath (ws)

Anxiety Support // Nervous System Support

A tincture formula of Blue Vervain, Skullcap, Motherwort, and Lobelia.


Dosage: Shake before use. 5-30 drops as needed for immediate support. To use as a short term daily tonic: 1-3 dropperfuls up to 3 times a day.


Ingredients: Scutellaria lateriflora, Verbena hastata, Leonurus cardiaca, Lobelia inflata, organic neutral spirits.

(All herbs grown on site or bought in from small farms we trust)


Deep Breath (ws)

  • A tincture for moments of heightened anxiety. Skullcap, Motherwort, and Blue Vervain are the key herbs of this formula. Skullcap is a nutritive nerve tonic specific to a nervous system that is feeling frayed. Motherwort is a bitter anxiolytic, known for calming a racing heart & mind. Blue Vervain is a bitter relaxant, allowing the shoulders to drop. Lobelia is included in an energetic dose to encourage the deep breath that integrates this calming tincture into the system.

  • Our packaging is completely compostable, from the box, to the cellulose based packaging tape, to the cardboard packaging materials. 



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