Breast Balm

A botanical breast massage balm.


This Breast Massage Balm is Calendula flower, Violet leaf & flower, and Dandelion flower extracted in sunflower seed oil with a little beeswax. All ingredients sourced locally and organically. This balm is appropriate for the whole body, but truly shines as a breast massage balm. Our breasts are full of lymphatic tissue, which loves to be encouraged to move with gentle massage. The herbs in Breast Balm support gentle lymphatic movement. A regular practice of breast massage acquaints one with the shape and feel of their breasts and is recommended by most health professionals.

We package this balm in a 2 ounce glass jar.


Directions: External use only. Massage gently & lovingly to the entire chest.


Ingredients: Organic NY grown sunflower seed oil, local beeswax, Calendula officinalis*, Althea officinalis*, Plantago major*, Chamomilla matricaria*. *grown on site at suntrap farm or bought in from a small, local farm.


Breast Balm

  • Our packaging is completely compostable, from the box, to the cellulose based packaging tape, to the cardboard packaging materials. Orders generally ship out on Tuesdays and Fridays via USPS. If you need your items sooner, just send us a message in the order notes and we will do our best to accomodate you.

  • One of my dear teachers, Matthew Wood, said you can use Calendula to bring warmth and light to places where the sun doesn’t shine. Our breasts rarely get to feel the cleansing warm sun or cool breeze, so it is up to us to take care of these vital organs with herbs that can pass on the properties of the plants directly to that beautiful tissue.



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