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Choose 3 tinctures for a Botanical Bundle and save 17% on your order. Specify which 3 tinctures you would like to include from this list:

  • Deep Breath (Anxiety Support)
  • Divine Nervine (Nutritive Nervous System Support)
  • Blue Sky Elixir (Promotes Mood Elevation)
  • Cramp Support (Menstrual Cramp Support)
  • Tune in Tonic (Cognitive Function Support)
  • Ground & Glow (Promotes Healthy Detoxification)
  • Good Night (Sleep Support)
  • Instinct (Amplify Inner Voice. Energetic Formula)
  • Digestive Bitters (Support Healthy Digestion)
  • Elderberry Elixir (Promotes Healthy Immunity)

Botanical Bundle

  • Orders ship out every Tuesday & Friday via USPS. If you need your items sooner, just send us a message in the order notes and we will do our best to accommodate you. Our packaging is completely compostable, from the box, to the cellulose based packaging tape, to the cardboard packaging materials. 

  • If you do not select 3 tinctures, or if one of the tinctures you select is sold out (though we aim to keep the list of options updated) we will select the tinctures for you.