This is a balm for slathering on at night after a shower or bath and before slipping into bed. The sublte scent is somniferous and the action is relaxing. Our bodies ache for all kinds of reasons: sitting at a computer, bad posture, getting back into yoga, a hard work out, working on our feet. It’s not uncommon to feel a little achey sometimes. 


Bioregional herbs + the addition of locally grown ginger come together in this blend to offer a massage balm with a soothing effect. I formulated this balm to be massaged into the skin after a bath. Your body absorbs oils so much better when it is slightly damp so try to use this balm in that after bathing window. You can also feel free to spritz yourself with hydrosol or water to prepare for a massage with this balm if you don’t have time to hop in the bath.


The Valerian root in this balm makes my muscles relax and my brain want to drift off to sleep, this is why I recommend using this balm at night before bed. If you are feeling restless and unable to relax before bed, a nice chest and neck rub with this balm can do wonders. Sweet Birch bark and Ginger root get the blood moving to the areas where the balm is applied, which can quicken the healing of torn tissue. Poplar buds and Teasel Root are specific to muscle pains and are the key herbs in this balm.

Ache Paint

  • A balm in 2 size options:

    - 1 oz tin
    - 2 oz glass jar

    Ingredients: Organic NY grown sunflower seed oil, local beeswax, Poplar buds, Teasel Root, Valerian Root, Sweet Birch Bark, Baby Ginger, Beeswax.

    Directions: External use. Apply to slightly damp skin before bed.

    (All herbs grown on site or bought in from small farms we trust)

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