• Geraldine Lavin

Single Tasking

Imagine giving yourself permission to do one thing at a time. No distractions. Just the task at hand.

Phone off, organization on. Phone on, sharing joyfully. Door closed, dreaming & creating. Door open, welcoming in. As a tiny business owner, I have found myself happier and more efficient when I dedicate each day of the week to a regular task. Instead of rushing to the post office every day, I go once a week. Instead of trying to write whenever inspiration strikes, I dedicate one day to writing, plus an hour of morning inspiration each day. I make damn sure that I spend at least 30 minutes with fresh air on my face and earth beneath my feet when I first wake up. Every other week there is a day dedicated to inventory. And so on. Sure, my work is largely dependent on the weather (“Oh, it’s sunny and dry! I need to drop everything & go collect cottonwood buds!”) and running my business out of an increasingly bustling homestead is inevitably hectic at times, but the very idea of doing one thing at a time is a calming balm on the hot nature of my busy days. Single tasking gives me permission to do one thing at a time, do it well, and finish up early so I can connect with other aspects of life unrelated to my work. My work is a calling that gives me purpose and pleasure, and still I need to learn to put it down and walk away each day. I love this photo Sarah of Blood, Bone, and Honey took of me in my kitchen. There are clearly so many projects happening around me, but I’m taking my time doing the dishes, not minding the chaos all around me. I’ll get to it, I know I will.

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