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Herbal First Aid

Sometimes accidents happen on the farm. Here is how we handle it.

So, i scythed my finger open this morning (owwwww) while scything back some tall grass. Here’s the plan:


Washed the wound & disinfected.


Currently I have a yarrow poultice fastened to the wound with a band-aid. Yarrow is a styptic (stops bleeding) and is specific to very deep cuts (this is a deep wound delivered by a serrated blade). Yarrow immediately stopped the gushing blood!


Tonight i’m going to dip my finger in a strong calendula infusion. Calendula is a clever wound healing herb because it is both anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and vulnerary (wound healing). Calendula speeds up the healing process while reducing pain and swelling (which are in their own right a part of the healing processing, important to remember that).


Tomorrow (or maybe the next day) I’m going to apply comfrey, but only when I’m completely convinced the wound is clean and beginning to heal on it’s own. Otherwise, I will continue the yarrow and calendula. Comfrey is a cell proliferate and quite famous for it’s ability to stitch wounds back together, but it not does discern if the wound is clean or ready to be closed up yet (so you have to).

I wish we had taken a photo of my hand for a before picture, but I was busy trying to believe Hayden that the cut was “not that deep” and let’s just keep my hand above my head and get it cleaned…phew…

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