An online course that meets twice a month from May through September 2020. Geraldine Lavin will personally guide each class meeting and make sure that every student leaves with a materia medica of their own making as well as a full understanding of water, alcohol, oil, vinegar, and honey as solvents for herbal extraction.

A course to take you from curious to confidant in the realms of Bioregional Herbalism and Medicine Making.

Geraldine Lavin has been studying herbalism for over a decade. The past 5 years have been completely devoted to the practice. She has taught classes on herbal medicine making and theory at Yale University, Bard College, conferences, retreats, food coops, lifestyle stores, many farms, even a music festival. Now, she’s finally taking her teaching online! After every class she receives feedback that her style is organized, thorough, and students feel like they have vastly expanded their understanding of the subject matter. Geraldine believes that each class is an opportunity to empower her students and demystify the world of plant and mushroom medicine.


This course focuses on Bioregional Herbalism and Medicine Making. Bioregional herbalism is the practice of working with the abundant herbs of our region rather than importing ingredients in from all around the globe. You’ll explore a materia medica of herbs native to the US, so called “invasive” species of herbs that are abundantly available, and herbs that belong in every herb garden and apothecary. The Medicine Making aspect of the course will guide you through 5 major solvents of the herbal apothecary - water, apple cider vinegar, honey, alcohol, and oil. By the end of each module you will feel fully capable of how, why, and when to use each solvent. By the end of the course your apothecary will be fully stocked with herbal medicine!

The course spans 5 months, May through September. Each month is considered a module, during which we will meet twice. Sessions will be live so students can ask questions and participate in class, however each session will be recorded just in case a student can’t make it and will need to watch on their own time. The first session of each month will be largely lecture (and answering questions) and will end with an assignment. The second session will be a review, discussion and an opportunity to present findings with the class. The goal is to make sure students leave each module feeling like the subject matter has been demystified and they have a full understanding of the techniques and information shared. Don’t let the word “assignment” scare you - these will be enjoyable tasks that will ensure the lesson becomes personal for you.

Each student will receive a booklet that corresponds with the course prior to the first class.

The modules & meeting dates are as follows:

(Each meeting is 10am-noon, EST)

May: Materia Medica

(Introduction to Bioregional Herbalism)

Meeting Dates: May 2nd, May 23rd

June: Water

(Hot & Cold Infusions, Decoctions, Steams + Materia Medica)

Meeting Dates: June 13th, June 27th

July: Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey

(Vinegar, Honey, and Oxymels + Materia Medica)

Meeting Dates: July 11th, July 25th

August: Alcohol

(All about tincture making + Materia Medica)

Meeting Dates: August 8th, August 22nd

September: Oil

(Infusing oils, making balms, making creams + Materia Medica)

Meeting Dates: September 12th, September 26th


Write to Geraldine with any questions or comments:


Entire Course

$350 early bird sign ups: March 1 - April 15 

$450 regular price: April 16 - May 1


$115 per module - sign up anytime before the first class meeting of the month

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