A course to take you from curious to confidant in the realms of Bioregional Herbalism and Medicine Making.

The professionally recorded, self-paced version of this class is launching March 1, 2021.

Geraldine has been studying herbalism for over a decade. The past 5 years have been completely devoted to the practice. She has taught classes on herbal medicine making and theory at Yale University, Bard College, conferences, retreats, food coops, lifestyle stores, many farms, even a music festival. Now, she’s finally taking her teaching online! After every class she receives feedback that her style is organized, thorough, and students feel like they have vastly expanded their understanding of the subject matter. Geraldine believes that each class is an opportunity to empower her students and demystify the world of plant and mushroom medicine.


This course focuses on Bioregional Herbalism and Medicine Making. Bioregional herbalism is the practice of working with the abundant herbs of our region rather than importing ingredients in from all around the globe. You’ll explore a materia medica of herbs native to the US, so called “invasive” species of herbs that are abundantly available, and herbs that belong in every herb garden and apothecary. The Medicine Making aspect of the course will guide you through 5 major solvents of the herbal apothecary - water, apple cider vinegar, honey, alcohol, and oil. By the end of each module you will feel fully capable of how, why, and when to use each solvent. By the end of the course your apothecary will be fully stocked with herbal medicine!

This is the self-paced version of Bioregional Herbalism & Medicine Making. You will complete each module by watching the pre-recorded video and following along in the course booklet. After you complete your homework for each module, you move along to the next one. The videos will be available on a special members only page of the Suntrap website.

The modules are as follows:


Module one: Materia Medica 

(Introduction to Bioregional Herbalism)


Module two: Water 

(Hot & Cold Infusions, Decoctions, Steams + Materia Medica)


Module three: Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey 

(Vinegar, Honey, and Oxymels + Materia Medica)


Module four: Alcohol 

(All about tincture making + Materia Medica)


Module five: Oil

(Infusing oils, making balms, making creams + Materia Medica)


When you complete the course you will receive a simple prompt from Geraldine.

Upon completing the prompt, she will send you a course completed certificate.


Entire Course

$250 early bird sign ups: December 8th - the launch date.

$350 regular price: begins when the course launches this Winter.

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ONLINE COURSE: Bioregional Herbalism and Medicine Making, self paced sessions

ONLINE COURSE: Bioregional Herbalism and Medicine Making, self paced sessions

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