What is a 


A sun trap is a garden feature that catches and reflects the sun, creating a microclimate of growth around it. Big boulders that hold the sun and ponds which reflect the sun's light are good examples of sun traps.

We aim to hold & reflect the lessons of this land by:

  • Sourcing ingredients from regenerative farms & gardens

  • Sharing fresh herbs in effective formulas

  • Offering education centering herbalism & earth tending

  • Packaging our products in 100% compostable materials



How can we provide for human needs while regenerating a thriving ecology?


Geraldine is a clinically trained herbalist, life long gardener, and botanical dyer. The thread that weaves her work together is the concept of Bioregionalism. Bioregional Herbalism is the practice of working with the abundant herbs of our region rather than importing ingredients from all around the globe. Living in reciprocity with the land is Suntrap's core value.

Geraldine facilitates an online course called “Bioregional Herbalism & Medicine Making” - click the title to learn more about the self-paced course.

To explore Geraldine's Botanical Dye work, visit her sister company sunblood.earth